Enterprise history

The enterprise was established in 1865 as a brewery. During the Great Patriotic War the enterprise was destroyed. In 1952 building of new brewery started. It was placed in operation in 1964.

In 1986 the merger of the brewery and the winery happened. Mogilev drinks factory was set up. On September 1, 1997 State production associate was founded by merger of Mogilev drinks factory and state production associate "Mogilevoblpishcheprom". In June, 2001 production association was transformed into unitary utility manufacturing enterprise.

By Mogilev regional executive committee decision of December 26, 2001 № 28-9 by transforming of unitary utility manufacturing enterprise of food industry "Mogilevoblpishcheprom" in compliance with legislation of joint-stock company, about denationalization and privatization of government property in Republic of Belarus public corporation "Holding company "Mogilevoblpishcheprom" was established.

Mogilev regional executive committee is company promoter.

The purpose of company activity is profit-oriented economical activity.

The company is profit organization – juristic person, has an independent balance, a seal, stamps, printed forms with own name, trademark (service designation), settlement and other accounts in banking houses.

The company implements its activity in compliance with existing legislation.

Public corporation "Mogilevpishcheprom" implements its activity in compliance with existing in the Republic of Belarus legislation, legal texts, Mogilev regional Committee of Deputies decisions, Mogilev regional municipal district executive committee, state association "Mogilevpishcheprom" decisions and public corporation "Mogilevpishcheprom" charter.

Cardinal types of production of public corporation "Mogilevpishcheprom" are: fruit wine ordinary, fruit wine of improved quality, wine and nonalcoholic beverage. Fruit wine and wine is packaged in glass bottles with capacity of 0,5 and 0, liters, nonalcoholic beverage is bottled into vessels with capacity of 30 and 50 liters. Starting from December 2008 wine is bottled into vessels with capacity of 50 liters.

Plant capacity:

  • fruit wine – 411 thousand dekaliters;
  • wine – 100 thousand dekaliters.

Nonalcoholic beverage is produced on nonspecialized capacity.

The certificate of compliance of quality production management system of fruit wines and wines with STB ISO 9001-2001 demands.